DIY 5-button Octatrack MIDI Controller

This is a DIY 5-button MIDI pedal box you can use to control the Octatrack in looper mode. It’s made with a Teensy-LC and readily available parts.

Style sheets in Microsoft Word

In this instalment of the Essential Copywriting series you’ll learn how to use style sheets in MS Word to create well-organized, more SEO-compliant copy. I’ll also tell you about the navigation sidebar and how to insert a table of contents.

Introducing elettronica sperimentale

I’ve created a new home (and name) for my electronic music. If you check in at you’ll find links to all of the electronic music that I have available online, all in one place. Plus you can read info about new releases and shows when it becomes available.

Microsoft Word productivity tips

In this instalment of Essential Copywriting, I’m going to give you some tips that should help you be more productive when using Microsoft Word. And as a freelance copywriter you’ll be using it a lot, no matter how you feel about it.

doxie scanner, macbook air, hard drive, typewriter, note pad, pen

Essential tools and tips for the freelance copywriter

Today’s essential copywriting post covers what you’ll need in terms of hardware, software and backup strategies to get up and running (and stay that way) as a freelance copywriter.

The rules about the rules

In the first post of my new Essential Copywriting series, I talk about rules: rules that govern rules, the rules you’ve made for yourself, and the rules others will expect you to follow.

TTSH synth with patch cables

TTSH ring modulator as VCA

The ring modulator in the 2600/TTSH can be DC coupled, so you can use it as a VCA for control voltages with the switch in the DC position. You probably won’t be using the ring modulator in every patch, and that means you often have a spare VCA for other interesting and useful duties.

TTSH synth with patch cables

The TTHS Project: epilogue

After having immersed myself in manuals, online threads, vintage synth books, patchbooks, and music collections, I thought a good (and long overdue) wrap-up to the series here would be a random brain dump of what I learned.

Testing, cabinetry and mods

If you’re following me on Instagram you may have already seen some video evidence of my TTSH making noise. All components are in place, preliminary calibration has been done and we’re really pretty darned close to having a working TTSH on our hands.

TTSH mainboard ready for stuffing

Stuffing the TTSH mainboard

The mainboard of the TTSH seems pretty imposing when it’s empty, but if you go really, really slowly… it will seem like it takes forever. When it’s done, you’ll find yourself wondering how close you really are to being done.