Warning: User-serviceable parts inside

a K2000 split open and spread out all over my dining room tableThe K2000 is a real tuner keyboard, and what with the going rate on eBay dropping every day it’s a less daunting proposition to crack yours open and drop an upgrade into it every time you stop to consider it.

The day you realize that your bandmates and the more eagle-eyed members of your audience consider you to be a grade A piker for standing on stage squinting at the LCD display on your keyboard with a micro torch keyfob in your hand is the day before the day you put a crowbar in your wallet and order a new backlight. If you’re anything like me, while your knowledge of electronics might be barely enough to get you a passing mark on a grade 10 shop class quiz, your somewhat decent spatial intelligence limits the damage you are likely to inflict while replacing a major compent to crossthreading a vital screw or just plain spilling half a bottle of cheap plonk on the whole deal.