The most consistently funny man on network television

craig ferguson is very funnyI have never seen a Craig Ferguson monologue that was not funny. From the time, years ago, when the reformed alcoholic refuted rumours that he had started drinking again (“If I start drinking again, you’ll know“) to last night when he suggested that we save ourselves from the asteroid that is bound to destroy us in 30 years by sending up a giant piece of paper (“Scissors would be impractical, and they wouldn’t work”), whenever I have tuned this guy in he has been on. He gets up there and rambles on hysterically for 10 minutes or so every night, generating the equivalent of a feature performance every two weeks. Sure I’m not watching every night – maybe I’ve been lucky and missed all the off nights – and sure he has writers, but all I know is I’m seeing a guy making funny that’s consistently in the same league as Eddie Izzard and Dylan Moran.

And just to prove that I am not always “on”, I keep forgetting that CBS makes the last week’s worth of monologues available for streaming on the show’s web page. But right now I’m remembering, and I’m going to try to devote one lunch hour a week to getting caught up.