the brink of history

I’ve been known to get cranky about how Canadian news gets overtaken by US election coverage. I don’t mean to suggest that the subject is of absolutely no interest to me, but their election season lasts over two years (ours is about 37 days) and it’s pretty easy to reach saturation far in advance of the big day. This is Canada after all, not much happens here, and sometimes you need to insert American news into the newscast to fill up the awkward silences. And our poor journalists. There are only so many words in the English language. You run out after a while, and start saying things (as one CBC journalist did this morning) like “American voters stand at the brink of history”. ┬áIn any case, if there’s one day out of the election season on which I can’t begrudge our neighbours a little attention it’s today. And so I’d like to wish all my American friends and relatives well, and express my hope that today’s outcome leads to a better day for you tomorrow.