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Make the benefit bigger

I really have to work on my rhetorical style. And by that I mean to say that I don’t think it’s the rhetoric that’s the problem so much as the delivery. I make what I think is – what I know to be a perfect conversation-ender and then turn as if to walk away, and at that instant, someone says “Yeah, it’s like when…”

Brand differentiation fail

I have often said, of my day gig in advertising, “If this job is ever difficult, it’s because somebody screwed up.” You might think that’s pretty upbeat coming from me until you realize that only one screw-up has to be signed off on to make an entire campaign, or even a brand, difficult.

5 words I don’t want to hear in 2010

The end of the year is a time for lists, and as I am a writer it only seems natural that my list is about words. And because I am cranky, it is equally natural that my list is about words I don’t like.

We have to display them, they’re displays

dear shoppers drug mart down the street: paypal me ten dollars and i will rewrite your sign for you

Usury loves company

I have no sympathy for Money Mart and their ilk, so I quite enjoyed this recent Star article and the Google Ad Fail that followed (click for full size image).

Note to self

If offered, do not accept a position writing for Google.

best wtt* ad ever

Remember when the guy came back to the present time after stepping on the butterfly in Bradbury’s classic A Sound of Thunder and all the signage looked like this? *that’s…

more kijiji fun

The most puzzling thing about this ad is how someone who posesses enough unstupid to be able to successfully post an ad on kijiji doesn’t know how to spell “guitar”,…

no one asks me to write the ads i want to write

NB: the show is real, the ad is not.