Yamaha SB79 Silent Brass System

A while back when the band was considering covering some Cake tunes I started searching eBay for used trumpets. This is not so outlandish an endeavour as you might think;…

Herein we note the passing of
William F. Buckley

…with yet another viewing of his classic threat to sock Gore Vidal in the face.

Metasonix TM-7 “Scrotum Smasher”
(sorry mom!)

Anyone who doesn’t think it’s sad when a music store goes out of business needs a heart transplant. It’s someone’s livelihood, someone’s passion, and it is a grind. There are…

what’s shakin’?

A co-worker felt what she thought was a tremor, which inspired me to go looking for Canadian seismology resources. It’s not just me, right, thinking that’s really cool? You can…

no one asks me to write the ads i want to write

NB: the show is real, the ad is not.


In a rare moment of repose.

never trust robots – or links to your own website

Hooray! Someone at Rogers read my comment form submission! Dear xxxxxxx@stevecastellano.com, Thank you for taking the time to write to us, we appreciate your use of online customer service. In…

appellation wellspring

If you’ve visited my flickr page you’re already familiar with my sobriquet Steve of the Web, which I use not only for that purpose but as a general catch-all for…

poll: most Canadians sick of hearing Mulroney’s name

According to a new Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll, “More than half of all voters are paying little or no attention to the saturation coverage of the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.” In addition,…