Meh, C’est What, 1998

The great Artie Roth is pictured mid-solo during Meh’s debut performance at C’est What in the spring of 1998. Photo courtesy Gord Fynes

Two more

Two more ringtones, not BBC World themed but with more of a laid-back vibe. They’re the same piece of music really, one with a lead and one just backing tracks….

Free ringtones? Really?

What’s next? Free animated emoticons? Punch-the-monkey banner ads? Well it’s true. Mostly. “Free ringtone” is more like it though, considering how long “create more ringtones for the V710” has been…

Flowers for de Maupassant

Every time I see the Eiffel Tower I think of de Maupassant. When I was in high school I had a sketch pad with a picture of the Eiffel Tower…

Fashion tips for the ladies

When choosing a tattoo girls, follow this simple rule: if it’s bigger than your dog, it’s too big!

A brief post about passwords

Attention developers. Do not attempt to break my keychain or password manager functionality. ‘Cause you know what, I’ll just write my password on a sticky and stick it to my…

It’s never too late for a witty rejoinder

“This is yet another group in what has become a fixed New York pattern. Black leather jackets, a parodistic macho camp swagger, and furious blasting rock and roll. But what…

When I fight the Port Authority,
the Port Authority always sues

The Toronto Port Authority made the news again this week with their $6.8 million attempt to gag the non-profit waterfront restoration advocacy group Community AIR. Like many Toronto taxpayers, I…

Puff (1987-2006)

Goodbye my sweet boy.

Hello Wally

Wally Harbinger is back with his first Songfight! entry in over four months.