When I fight the Port Authority,
the Port Authority always sues

The Toronto Port Authority made the news again this week with their $6.8 million attempt to gag the non-profit waterfront restoration advocacy group Community AIR. Like many Toronto taxpayers, I…

Puff (1987-2006)

Goodbye my sweet boy.

Hello Wally

Wally Harbinger is back with his first Songfight! entry in over four months.

The Murdered Women of Juarez

If you’ll forgive a brief departure from the generally light-hearted tone of this site, I’d like to draw your attention to a deeply moving and troubling article by Linda Diebel…

The view from stage right

The keyboard player has the opportunity to be the laziest musician on stage. Sure, you’ve got folks playing keyboards with their feet, stabbing them with knives, setting them on fire,…

Adaptor Perish

Power to the people. Rating 5/10.

Piano Recital at The Left Door

Classical music. Live. In a bar.

The official sport of SteveCastellano.com is


Warning: User-serviceable parts inside

You’ll need: a Kurzweil K2000, a soldering iron, a screwdriver, and a cheap bastard who doesn’t know what he’s doing

You Blosxom, You Lose Some

What the hell happened to SteveCastellano.com