my current eurorack rig

Now on BandCamp!

At the urging of some friends I have launched a BandCamp page to showcase my modular compositions and make them available for purchase in both MP3 and lossless formats. 

Gérard Cuperly

An evening with Champagnes Cuperly

If you seek an entrée into the appreciation of Champagne, I can’t recommend a better exercise than a tasting with a grower.

Modulars at Wrongbar

Toronto modular synthesis enthusiasts enjoyed some wired action recently at the inaugural Modular Synthesizer Information Sessions at west end self-styled dive bar and concert venue Wrongbar.

Andres Caballero

In the Wine Cave with Santa Carolina

We’re all grateful for having a variety of excellent wines available to us at very reasonable prices, much of it from Chile – but the price we pay for a bottle of wine determines, to a large degree, how much we talk about it. (Photo: Andres Caballero by Jacqui Skeete)

my burgeoning eurorack system

There’s a hole in daddy’s rack

Eurorack is often referred to in the modular community as EuroCrack. It empties bank accounts, destroys relationships and ruins lives. On the plus side, it does make strange music that no one wants to listen to. My involvement with it was inevitable.

I don’t have a favourite wine and it’s Viognier

If you ask me what my favourite wine is I will want to give you the name of some old world red, to demonstrate my appreciation for well-structured, complex, age-worthy and, well, let’s be honest, expensive wines. But eventually I will admit that it is Viognier.

Three typewriters

A week-long writing workshop got me thinking not only about reading and writing, but also about the tools I have used to write over the years. Then I went out and bought some of them.

Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman

When I was 13, my uncle accidentally bought me the first issue of David Boswell’s Reid Fleming, World’s Toughest Milkman comic. The wisdom therein has stayed with me to this day.

Dreaming Tree Crush Red

Wine, celebrity and the Dreaming Tree

Celebrities and wine are in the news recently, but is it a new thing? Is it even a thing, for that matter? In my first wine review I chat a bit about the non-issue and write a non-review of Brangelina’s new rosé, opting instead to put a Californian red blend on deck for a spin.

25 years of local music and beer

Toronto indie music and microbrew mainstay C’est What? celebrated 25 years of supporting local brewing and songwriting talent on Wednesday with an eclectic lineup of performers that represented the club’s history as a proving ground for both musicians and brewmasters.