Don’t disbelieve everything you don’t read on the internet

I was recently asked to lift Deee-Lite(sic)’s ’90 dance club hit Groove is in the Heart (long story) and shortly thereafter to swallow the factoid that the “I” sample under…

Usury loves company

I have no sympathy for Money Mart and their ilk, so I quite enjoyed this recent Star article and the Google Ad Fail that followed (click for full size image).

Top 5 signs you live in a failed state

5. National holidays marred by injuries resulting from celebratory gunfire 4. Police academy successfully besieged by terrorists 3. The druglords who convinced your police force to leave town are routed…

Note to self

If offered, do not accept a position writing for Google.

Unexpected success

I got it into my head that I wanted to dig up an old MIDI file that I had created back in the Atari days, for reasons that escape me…

happy birthday chuck, and pass the xylometazoline hydrochloride

In the infinite immutable wisdom of millenia upon millenia the human body decided that an appropriate response to hostile viral takeover is to clog all available breathing passages with goo….

the pipe, the pipe, his calling

Mike Silverman, a.k.a. That 1 Guy, croaked, slapped, stomped, bowed, looped, laughed and howled his way through a bafflingly under-attended set at the Rivoli last night. Accompanying himself on the…

i have injured myself on the internet

I have spent so much time staring at Achewood over the past few weeks that I have given myself some kind of stress injury.

dali was a headcase

got comped to the artist’s gala opening of the new AGO tonight. a+++ would visit again. you’re probably not supposed to take pictures of the art.