Sequential (Circuits) Prophet-5

Prophet-5Some teenagers dream about cars. I can’t remember how I found out that Long & McQuade North was selling one of these, because I lived in Peterborough at the time, and the Internet was 10 years away (for me at least).

At the store, I asked if I could try it out. The salesman shrugged at me and said, doubtfully, “if you want”. Someone had tried to load the factory cassette in from a deck whose speed was off, so the internal patches were scrambled. I guess no one there knew how to program it. I took it in to get a loose connection in the mod wheel repaired, and just to show what a forgiving guy I am, I won’t publish the name of the tech who fixed the connection but cracked the wheel.

Rev 3, with manual. Someday I’ll have the MIDI retrofit dropped into it.