We’re still mostly about music here

In spite of all the talk about web design, smoking, RSS, Unix, and CGI scripts, I’d like to point out that our main focus here at the headquarters of the vast Steve Castellano Internet Empire™ is and shall remain music, except when it’s advertising. Or web design.

Most of the action, if you don’t mind calling it that, has been taking place on the music links page of late. I’ve been doing some research on DIY synthesis, and that is evident from the addition of a DIY category. Some spillover into the Enthusiasts and Experts category is also in evidence.

These DIY folks do tend to blur the distinction between Manufacturers and Enthusiasts in some cases. So I think the distinction should therefore be cases. If you are printing schematics on your page and selling PCBs that you make in your basement, I consider you to be an Enthusiast, and there’s no shame in that. But if you are making complete kits that include cases, and especially if you are also offering completed projects for sale, I think you have joined the ranks of Manufacturers.

If you suspect that all this research will soon come to fruition in the museum, and if this prospect interests you, then you should consider subscribing to the RSS feed.