Default screen saver: RSS Visualizer.

And do I care what is feeding it? Not really. It’s a screen saver. It runs when I’m not around. So I leave it on the default, which is Apple Hot News. And once in a while, out of the corner of my eye, I see something interesting, and then it all seems kind of worthwhile. I think at one point I had O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter feed running but it was a little too interesting. And I spent too much time staring at my screen saver. Until I realized hey, I’m staring at a screen saver, at which point I nudged my mouse and just went to the O’Reilly site instead.

So, to recap: RSS Visualizer with Apple Hot News, just interesting enough.

My RSS VisualizerUntil now, as it seems to have turned my MacBook into an all-day commercial for the iPhone.

I’m sure the iPhone is a fine thing if you like that sort of thing. And I’m an early adopter, a gear pig if you will, so I understand why it is generating a lot of excitement. But I don’t need one. I have a phone. And to be quite honest, I spend enough time on the internet and listening to tunes and sitting in front of Apple products already. I’m not looking for ways to fill those few remaining internet-free moments noodling around with wireless data devices. Hell, I don’t even have an iPod. And someday I plan to read a book.

Anyway, you can’t get them in Canada yet, and when you do the data charges will break you, mostly because Ted Rogers is a tit.

So Apple, unless you’re ready to start putting Hot News back into the Hot News RSS feed, maybe you could re-name it Hot iPhone Marketing, and I’ll be over at the O’Reilly MacDevCenter if you need me. Because Guy who stood in line for 8 days to buy iPhone says It’s the coolest thing ever is neither hot nor news.