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steve of the webIf you’ve visited my flickr page you’re already familiar with my sobriquet Steve of the Web, which I use not only for that purpose but as a general catch-all for the various and sundry domains and sub-domains that my web host has foolishly allowed me to devise, under the somewhat indulgent and wholly inaccurate label of the Steve of the Web Web Empire.

And what’s the obvious thing to do in this day and age once you have a catchy new brand name? Keeping in mind that trademarks are tools of the oppressors (and I’m just guessing here but I think they cost real money too), the correct answer is “register yet another domain name.” is a music and photography portfolio site coded in Panic’s excellent Coda application with freely available open-source multimedia scripts and applications. It currently features some of my favourite photographs from the past year, including shots from the Spiegeltent’n’Tavern, the Toronto International Circus Festival, and a variety of portraits and miscellaneous images from locations around Toronto and southern Ontario. The playlist accompanying these slideshows consists of a mix of mp3s currently available from this site as well as a few ambient instrumental compositions that you won’t find anywhere other than

For those of you who are interested in the code side of things, the slideshow is currently running on Lighbox2. I’m planning on migrating over to Lightbox Slideshow, which is based on the same code but has some added features I’d like to incorporate like automation and looping, as soon as I track down the source of some show-stopping JavaScript errors – which may take some time as I’ve already forgotten most of what I ever knew about JavaScript, which was never very much to start out with. Music is running off Franco Zuardi’s Hideout XPSF Music Player.

Best viewed, like all images, in something other than FireFox, which sadly does not understand colour profiles. Go figure.