Nothing to say other than wordpress rocks

i’m saving it all up for the podcast now. this post is just killing space. andrew maxwell is the funniest living irishman next to dylan moran, nevermind leary, word has it he nicked his best stuff from bill hicks, who’s dead now, so who’s to know. what else. getting a gorillapod or two, flip video is cool, and oh yeah, WORDPRESS ROCKS. this blog runs on wordpress, i’ve just upgraded to 2.6, don’t even know what’s been improved, but every release is better. of course there are bugs now and then. some things break. but it’s not like your major commercial software companies, the bug report is public, you get to read the same one the devs read from, they don’t hide it from you and then make you wait on off-shore tech support for two hours before telling you it’s your fault. they take a swing at fixing it. if all the software on my computer ran as well as wordpress did i’d be running the goddamned planet by now. so if you’re not wordpress, or flip video, or andrew maxwell, or the guys who make the gorillapod, suck it.

Edit: Well it turns out the image gallery feature is still broken, so I take most of that back.