Episode 02: Listen there, comment here

I worry that there may be one of you out there, or perhaps less than one, maybe half of one of you, who subscribed to the Steve of the Web Podcast here at SteveCastellano.com before I had a chance to move it to its official home at steveoftheweb.com/podcast. So I’ve gone to the studio with my good friend Barry Whiteman to record a little audio redirect that we can now jam down the vestigial audio pipe to make sure there are no little lost sheep. Not that I mean to imply that my listeners are sheep.

And like the song says, please feel free to comment on Episode 02 here. Notice how I use that leading zero habitually – it’s my way of promising you at least eight more episodes before I get completely bored with podcasting. Well, before I stop. I may not stop just because I’m completely bored.