Don’t disbelieve everything you don’t read on the internet

eva gaborI was recently asked to lift Deee-Lite(sic)’s ’90 dance club hit Groove is in the Heart (long story) and shortly thereafter to swallow the factoid that the “I” sample under the line “I couldn’t ask for another” was from the Green Acres theme song. Unable to substantiate this through text-based searches, I discounted this claim as a barge of lard. But then, through a toxic combination of curiosity and abject boredom, I decided to try and dig up the original music, and to my mild surprise (as good as it gets, sorry) I discovered that this was, in fact, the case – the sample is pitched down a little (full tone? can’t be arsed to check). So, for the benefit of the internet, I hereby declare as FACT: Eva Gabor is a backup singer on Groove is in the Heart. So, that just goes to show… something. Who cares, really. Sample below. Feel free to go and start your own dance-funk cover band. In another city.