Drink in summer

Blueberry BuckWhen you find yourself mixing the same old cocktails all the time, sometimes it helps to add a semi-random element to your decision-making. For me, that element is often the contents of our weekly organic bin, which for the past few weeks has included a small package of organic blueberries. Not enough to bake with, really, just enough to maybe sprinkle on your granola, if you are the sort who eats granola, or perhaps to just leave in the little plastic clamshell in the fridge until they go all wrinkly.

The decidedly summery Blueberry Buck recipe comes to us via Beyond the Plate, who credits unnamed Hendrick’s reps with the recipe. This one was made with Broker’s Gin, which is currently our house brand – due in part to the fact that I have Andy Dawson of Broker’s to thank for teaching me just about everything I know about gin.