i have injured myself on the internet

I have spent so much time staring at Achewood over the past few weeks that I have given myself some kind of stress injury.

dali was a headcase

got comped to the artist’s gala opening of the new AGO tonight. a+++ would visit again. you’re probably not supposed to take pictures of the art.

the brink of history

I’ve been known to get cranky about how Canadian news gets overtaken by US election coverage. I don’t mean to suggest that the subject is of absolutely no interest to…

Apparently it’s da Vinci Code week

Apparently it’s da Vinci Code week on the History Channel. It’s their answer to Shark Week, I suppose. I’ve still managed to avoid both the movie and the book, though I did accidentally read The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, one of whose co-authors appears in this evening’s greasily compelling conjectumentary Beyond the da Vinci Code.

Canada’s Hockey Anthem Challenge entries uploaded

The National Game I uploaded three Hockey Night in Canada theme contest entries this morning. To rate and comment on them on the CBC Hockey Anthem Challenge site, follow these…


First successful implementation of the Gorillapod, on the sidewalk outside C’est What after a few pints of “Hop Addict.” Note how, like the party guest that no one remembers inviting,…

Episode 02: Listen there, comment here

I worry that there may be one of you out there, or perhaps less than one, maybe half of one of you, who subscribed to the Steve of the Web…

Have you seen these spirit killers?

Found street art. Edit: Pardon me. Sprit killers.

Nothing to say other than wordpress rocks

i’m saving it all up for the podcast now. this post is just killing space. andrew maxwell is the funniest living irishman next to dylan moran, nevermind leary, word has…