An open letter to Bell Canada

Hey Bell, nice talking to you again. Say, a funny thing happened when I opened my mail the other day. I found a letter from you, Bell, congratulating me on…

Well I thought it was interesting

Warning: this post contains some spoilers about the movies Fargo and Raising Arizona. If you haven’t seen these movies yet, go rent them and then come back and continue reading…

It’s Kas

The adventures of your standard completely mental cat in comic book format.


We promise not to be evil.
But we can’t speak for our lawyers.

Google’s oft-quoted credo “don’t be evil” started looking rather quaint last week with the appearance of a gentle suggestion on the Google blog that we try to refrain from using…


I think it’s cheating for a filmmaker to tell his audience how to watch his film, what preconceptions to abandon, what kind of perspective to adopt in advance — but…

Gear for sale page added

Now selling gear. Synths, mixers, other stuff. Dig in. Follow the link on the right under “Pages”.

You can pick your battles…

People who say “you have to pick your battles” never do. Discuss.

Meh, C’est What, 1998

The great Artie Roth is pictured mid-solo during Meh’s debut performance at C’est What in the spring of 1998. Photo courtesy Gord Fynes

Two more

Two more ringtones, not BBC World themed but with more of a laid-back vibe. They’re the same piece of music really, one with a lead and one just backing tracks….