TTSH 4012 filter detail

TTSH sub modules

The first step in the actual TTSH assembly is the submodules – oscillators, filter and power supply. Things are getting a bit exciting, with the risk of physical injury (to me) and the threat of a lawsuit (from Moog). You’ll also learn how the ladder filter got its name.

Transistor matching

This is the second in a series of articles on my TTSH Arp 2600 clone project, in which I demystify, for myself at least, the process and principles of transistor matching.

TTSH panels in box

The TTSH Project

I’m about to start building a clone of the ARP 2600, a semi-modular analogue synth from the 1970s. Here’s an introduction to the project for people who aren’t already completely mental for vintage analogue synths.

Becoming a freelance copywriter

If you are a copywriter who has decided it’s time to leave the agency life behind and start freelancing, may I say to you, “excellent choice.” Sure, it’s a big decision, but if you wanted affirmation that it’s a viable career move, here it is.

I thought I told you to shut up

I’ve just seen I Thought I Told You To Shut Up and it’s delightful, funny, sad, and packed full of cameos from a surprising number of extremely famous people who are all huge fans of David Boswell.

my current eurorack rig

Now on BandCamp!

At the urging of some friends I have launched a BandCamp page to showcase my modular compositions and make them available for purchase in both MP3 and lossless formats. 

Gérard Cuperly

An evening with Champagnes Cuperly

If you seek an entrée into the appreciation of Champagne, I can’t recommend a better exercise than a tasting with a grower.

Modulars at Wrongbar

Toronto modular synthesis enthusiasts enjoyed some wired action recently at the inaugural Modular Synthesizer Information Sessions at west end self-styled dive bar and concert venue Wrongbar.

Andres Caballero

In the Wine Cave with Santa Carolina

We’re all grateful for having a variety of excellent wines available to us at very reasonable prices, much of it from Chile – but the price we pay for a bottle of wine determines, to a large degree, how much we talk about it. (Photo: Andres Caballero by Jacqui Skeete)

my burgeoning eurorack system

There’s a hole in daddy’s rack

Eurorack is often referred to in the modular community as EuroCrack. It empties bank accounts, destroys relationships and ruins lives. On the plus side, it does make strange music that no one wants to listen to. My involvement with it was inevitable.