New-ish music for the piano

There’s been a resurgence of interest online in 60s-style commercial design, that really evocative screen-print business with the deep cool colours, the kind of stuff Saul Bass made a name…

Conservative talking points on detainee scandal

I recently pointed out Harper’s communication strategy on the Afghan detainee scandal: any discussion opposing Conservative defense policy is equated with attacking the troops. I couldn’t have asked for a…

A creative brief for the anti-prorogation movement

I went to a political rally yesterday: the anti-prorogation rally. I’m very frustrated about the current political climate in Canada, and, perhaps like most Canadians, feel powerless to do anything about it. Sadly, I didn’t feel that much more empowered after the rally, for reasons I’ll get into below.

Brand differentiation fail

I have often said, of my day gig in advertising, “If this job is ever difficult, it’s because somebody screwed up.” You might think that’s pretty upbeat coming from me until you realize that only one screw-up has to be signed off on to make an entire campaign, or even a brand, difficult.

5 words I don’t want to hear in 2010

The end of the year is a time for lists, and as I am a writer it only seems natural that my list is about words. And because I am cranky, it is equally natural that my list is about words I don’t like.

Looking a gift Kore in the mouth

I’ve been using the free Kore Player since it was introduced in the spring of 2008. I have started a few projects over that time by just flipping through the…

We have to display them, they’re displays

dear shoppers drug mart down the street: paypal me ten dollars and i will rewrite your sign for you

The Reacquaintance

I haven’t uploaded any original music in a while so I thought I’d just toss this one up here for you to listen to and comment on. Recent developments in…