We have to display them, they’re displays

dear shoppers drug mart down the street: paypal me ten dollars and i will rewrite your sign for you

The Reacquaintance

I haven’t uploaded any original music in a while so I thought I’d just toss this one up here for you to listen to and comment on. Recent developments in…

Writing: How to do it

Heist (2001) is a daunting subject for analysis, as is its writer and director David Mamet. It is an example of what I call “semantic screenwriting,” in that it demonstrates that you can put pretty much any nonsensical line into Gene Hackman’s mouth and tell him to spit it back out as if it is the cleverest thing anyone in the room has heard all day, and people will likely assume that it is in fact a juicy bon mot that they just didn’t get.

Answers to “A fairly difficult synth quiz”

Yesterday I created “A fairly difficult synth quiz” on Facebook and a number of folks have already been brave enough to test their knowledge of synth geekery with it. To…

Episode 03: Listen there, comment here

The Steve of the Web Podcast is back! Subscribe on iTunes or download the latest episode at steveoftheweb.com/podcast. Leave your comments on Episode 03 here. And as promised, further information…

Don’t disbelieve everything you don’t read on the internet

I was recently asked to lift Deee-Lite(sic)’s ’90 dance club hit Groove is in the Heart (long story) and shortly thereafter to swallow the factoid that the “I” sample under…

Usury loves company

I have no sympathy for Money Mart and their ilk, so I quite enjoyed this recent Star article and the Google Ad Fail that followed (click for full size image).

Top 5 signs you live in a failed state

5. National holidays marred by injuries resulting from celebratory gunfire 4. Police academy successfully besieged by terrorists 3. The druglords who convinced your police force to leave town are routed…

Note to self

If offered, do not accept a position writing for Google.

Unexpected success

I got it into my head that I wanted to dig up an old MIDI file that I had created back in the Atari days, for reasons that escape me…