About me

I’m a writer and musician currently living in Toronto with my wife, a bunch of cats, some keyboards (the musical kind), and probably just a few more computers than I really need. I tend to write about whatever is on my mind here. Sometimes it’s beverage-related, as I am a certified “Wine Specialist.” It’s a bit like a sommelier accreditation except no one would ever pay me to work in a restaurant because I don’t know what I’m doing and would make a mess of things.

At other times I might be writing about music or musical instruments. I just finished building an ARP 2600 clone, and occasionally perform on my modular system in the Toronto area. If you’re interested in knowing when I’m playing next you can follow me on Twitter at @steveoftheweb. You can also check out what I’ve been laying down in the studio on my BandCamp Page or my SoundCloud page.

Occasionally I’ll write about advertising, which is my day gig. When I do it’s usually because something I’ve seen or experienced in the marketing world has been bothering me, and I’ve let it rattle around my head for too long and I’ve probably become quite cranky about it. But this is not a marketing blog per se, as I find marketing blogs tremendously dull, busman’s holiday etc.

Having said that, if you came here looking for a freelance writer to help you with some advertising work, feel free to get in touch via the contact form. LinkedIn works too. If you’re looking for samples of my work, here’s my portfolio.

Thanks for visiting.