the foundation remains

screenshot for _the foundation remains_ wordpress templateI gave a mouse a cookie this weekend. The mouse was a new Motorola KRZR K1m, the cookie was Parallels Desktop for Mac with Windows XP Pro. No one who hacks phones uses a Mac, as near as I can tell.* So if you want to hack your phone, or even use the bundled Motorola Phone Tools software, you need a PC or an Intel-based Mac running Windows under either Boot Camp or Parallels. I did consider both, but I’ve been running Vista on a MacBook at work using Parallels without too many complaints, and I couldn’t spare the drive space for a Boot Camp partition.

When I saw XP running in coherence mode though I was more excited about finishing the WordPress theme that I started a few months ago entitled The Foundation Remains (after the picture that I shot this past summer). Without wanting to start a Mac-PC debate, I’ve never been too crazy about how IE 6 makes my web sites look – mostly because of the way pre-Vista Windows handles text aliasing, i.e. doesn’t alias text. I had also run across some well-documented inconsistencies in how IE 6 deals with CSS, particularly in the way it adds padding to containers so that your pixel widths don’t add up, and how it tends to ignore minimum width and height specifications. But as the majority of visitors to this site are still using IE6, with IE7 (which I haven’t tested yet because I don’t have it at home, and from my limited experience it seems to play a little nicer anyway) just edging out Firefox for second place, I can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist. See? I care, sort of.

Once I no longer had to run from one machine to another to reload the beta site it took me less than a weekend to put the finishing touches on the template. It started out as a full-bleed fluid centre, static sidebar “holy grail” template with a minimum width, but shortly after I discovered that it was indeed the “holy grail” I decided that it was more trouble than it was worth (see above) and set my expectations a little lower. And what I had left was still plenty to do.

This template was coded pretty much from the ground up in Coda, tested in IE6, Safari and Firefox. But really, if you’re currently using either of the first two you should switch to something else. Let me know if you run into usability issues in whatever browser you are using.

*Edit – I just saw a VersionTracker update for BitPim for OS X, released the day after I posted that. That means someone must be doing it.