And now, a word from Hitler

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Downfall YouTube phenomenon, and the recent content ID blocking put in place by YouTube, ostensibly at the behest of the copyright owners, preventing existing parodies from being viewed and new ones being uploaded. You may also be aware that a number of parodies have been uploaded in the past week which offer commentary on these events. The most popular of these can be viewed (bafflingly) on YouTube. The least popular, written by me, can be viewed below, and on internet video also-ran Vimeo.

My version contains a great deal of profanity. I hope it is taken in the spirit intended, and not as a personal attack on anyone from Constantin Films.

Please feel free to share the Vimeo link around. If you think you can get around YouTube’s content ID filtering I would be happy to provide you with a 112MB MPEG-4 version. Just let me know in the comments.