This is of course impossible

Self-inking QR code stamp from Simon's StampsI wasn’t sure that QR codes would catch on in Canada before they became obsolete, but they seem to have been quite widely adopted here finally. And as I had created mobile versions of this site and my portfolio site, it seemed sensible to incorporate a QR code into my new business card design, which was uploaded to an online print service earlier this week.

Then yesterday morning I received an invitation to a media event that is happening on Tuesday, by which time my new cards will, sadly, not be ready. I briefly considered printing the QR code on Avery labels and affixing them to my current cards, but obviously that would look pretty cheesy. What I needed was some kind of rudimentary printing process – like a rubber stamp.

As it turns out, there are a number of online rubber stamp services to choose from. This is where the story gets a bit like the Bugs Bunny cartoon in which Bugs sends off a mail order and then stands beside the mailbox until the package arrives. Simon’s Stamps accepts bitmap graphic submissions and guarantees same-day delivery on items received before noon. I uploaded my QR code at about 11:30 yesterday morning, and my self-inking stamp arrived at my door about an hour ago.

It works so well that I’m kind of sorry I ordered business cards at all; I’d rather just run around stamping things now, because as they say out west, it’s hella fun. This, I have been telling my friends, is what it’s like living in the future.