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Meh, C’est What, 1998

The great Artie Roth is pictured mid-solo during Meh’s debut performance at C’est What in the spring of 1998. Photo courtesy Gord Fynes

When I fight the Port Authority,
the Port Authority always sues

The Toronto Port Authority made the news again this week with their $6.8 million attempt to gag the non-profit waterfront restoration advocacy group Community AIR. Like many Toronto taxpayers, I…

Puff (1987-2006)

Goodbye my sweet boy.

The Murdered Women of Juarez

If you’ll forgive a brief departure from the generally light-hearted tone of this site, I’d like to draw your attention to a deeply moving and troubling article by Linda Diebel…

The view from stage right

The keyboard player has the opportunity to be the laziest musician on stage. Sure, you’ve got folks playing keyboards with their feet, stabbing them with knives, setting them on fire,…

You Blosxom, You Lose Some

What the hell happened to

Yamaha Motif ES Rack

I’ve been reaching for a metaphor, and that’s never a good position to be in. If you have to strain for your metaphor, as if for a dusty can of…

Metasonix TM-2 and TM-3

My regular readers will recall that I’ve been a proponent of the tube synth concept ever since I first tripped over a reference to the Phattytron a few years back….

Korg MS-2000R

I saw Paul Neufeld playing an MS2000 with Rivethead and thought I heard some interesting possibilities. Then later I was rewarded for all the time I spent wading through thousands…