Now with dynamic allocation

As you can see, I�ve decided to make some changes.

I was reading up on Unix for OS X recently, and I discovered that one of the authors of a book I was reading had also designed what looked to me like a pretty interesting and robust piece of code called Blosxom.

The software is ostensibly blogging software � though its extended capabilities have been demonstrated elsewhere � and while that�s not really what I do around here, it occurred to me that the structure of several pages on this site (notably �recent additions� and �MP3s�) lends itself to the blog format � headline, date, blurb, repeat. And now that I�ve switched to a new host and am in the process of fine-tuning some of the back end here, the front page has become home to the occasional service bulletin. If its tidy directory structure is anything to go by, the new software should allow me to organize these three areas in some kind of sensible fashion.

The benefit to me is threefold: a) it�s a lot easier for me to update the site when necessary, meaning that I may b) update the site a little more often; and c) you readers can contribute relevant information if you wish to do so, at least until I get overrun by bots the way everyone on Movabletype seems to sooner or later.