Free ringtones? Really?

What’s next? Free animated emoticons? Punch-the-monkey banner ads?

Well it’s true. Mostly. “Free ringtone” is more like it though, considering how long “create more ringtones for the V710” has been on my to do list and how many I’ve created so far (2). And why aren’t you getting both, I hear you greedy monkeys asking? Because the first one is my primary incoming call ringtone, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to even flinch for a call that’s not for me, meaning that there’s one ringtone created with arcane tube synth technology that won’t get programmed into any phone but mine.

This ringtone is the one I use for incoming text messages. It’s called BBCWorld1 as a tip of the electronic music hat to Bill Bailey who drew my attention to the BBC World News theme in one of his stand-up DVDs. It doesn’t really sound anything like the BBC news theme, but the germ of the idea was that periodic sine tone (or “pip” as I believe it’s called in the Queen’s English) that sails over top of the whole mess and gives you that “incoming message” vibe. If I offer up more ringtones, I expect there to be an ongoing BBC World News theme… uh… theme.

So here it is in MP3 format, how you get it into your phone is up to you.

And if there are any synth geeks out there, yes that is a stock MS2000 patch underpinning the whole thing. Killing an afternoon programming my own multi-layered synth patch to use in a ringtone just isn’t something I could look back on and be proud of.

Edit: For those of you who have already pulled that down, I’ve uploaded a slightly revised version with a better fade and slightly smaller file size – a 160kbps bitrate MP3 is perhaps overkill on even the best phones.