The gift of validation

I thought long and hard about what to give my loyal readers for Christmas this year and came up with what I think is the perfect gift: XHTML 1.0 Transitional validation.

This has meant taking down the Referrer code. Sadly, URLs with ampersands will not validate. That means that many search engine referrers will make my XHTML Validation claim worthless when they are appended to the list.

While the search engine queries were among the most interesting things under the Referrers headline, I can sum them up for you thusly: the SY77 is still very popular in Europe, resulting in a lot of searches for service info and sounds. People like their VSTs free if possible, and many of them were wondering what that VCS3 rumour was all about. There are periodic bursts of interest in things like service manuals for electric pianos and the Sound Lab Mini-Synth DIY project. And occasionally there are baffling referrers indicating that someone got here by clicking the 271st ranked entry for “Yamaha trumpet mouthpiece”.

And some people get here by Googling my name, which is equal parts flattering and unsettling.