Lost and found department

nice poster, david

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Okay so get this.

On Thursday I posted about that cool book of modern piano music (published 1963) that I picked up on AbeBooks not long ago. Well you may be aware that I’m a bit of a fan of ABC’s Lost, as is my wife. And this evening we were catching up on the episode that aired last Tuesday. We get to the part where Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) goes into his son’s room, where we learn that David Shephard (Dylan Minnette) is a musician. And bless her keen eye, my wife says to me, “rewind to that poster on the wall.” Sure enough, there’s a poster on the wall that looks like a dead nick of the New Music for the Piano cover that I just scanned the other day. Not only that, the poster on the wall is advertising a concert by someone named M. Gold. I think the fact that one of the composers featured in my book is Morton Gould is credible evidence that someone in the art department also has a copy.

We Lost fans love stuff like this.