News I read

One more housekeeping item: I’m a big fan of Google Reader. I was an early adopter of RSS and I look for feed links on any site that I find myself at regularly. Or rather I used to. Now I have a “Subscribe” bookmarklet in my toolbar. I subscribe to just over 100 feeds, from Google News (Canada) and my daily comics (Toothpaste for Dinner and Achewood among them) to synth geek sites and even RSS feeds for my favourite eBay searches. I also read Toronto Craigslist musical instruments religiously, as regular readers of this site may already suspect, which may seem like a huge waste of time but has netted me a couple of pretty nifty items, including a very reasonably priced Moog Etherwave theremin which I’ll be happy to tell you about sometime soon.

Google recently added this instant sidebar option that allows me to import a list of my favourite reader articles into a WordPress widget, which you should now see in the right margin, under the heading “News I read.” I haven’t been sharing articles religiously, because up until today I didn’t have any reason to believe anyone was following me in Google Reader. But now that the sidebar widget is operational I’m going to be a little more diligent about it, and I will hit the “share” button under any news items I think other folks might be interested in, and they should pop up here (the news items, not the folks). Please feel free to let me know in the comments if you think this is as neat as I do.