A weekend in Prince Edward County

We finally seized the opportunity to visit Prince Edward County on the occasion of the annual Wassail event coinciding with a gala in aid of the region’s Slow Food convivium. Our singing and tasting tour took us to seven wineries in one afternoon, including Huff Estates, Sandbanks, Karlo Estates and Rosehall Run. But the nod for the most evocative setting must go to By Chadsey’s Cairns, whose Chenin Blanc and Gamay I quite enjoyed, which features a pioneer cemetery on the premises dating back 180 years or so. For those planning to take the tour this coming weekend, some of the wineries are sticklers for the singing aspect, so brush up on your carols if you wish to dodge the regular tasting fees (usually a dollar or so per glug).

The trip was rounded out by a visit to Tyendinaga where we found this festive puzzler on the north side of York Road, consisting of a door, a wreath, a bicycle, a mailbox, and a large wood and metal arrow (just out of frame here to the right) pointing to the space where one might expect to see the entirety of a house. The artist, Al Idzenga, happened to be out walking his dog as I was shooting, and though he was quite genial he didn’t give me a clear answer as to whether it was an installation piece or a future home. He did assure me that “Lots of people are doing just what you’re doing when they see it.” Click the image for a larger view on Flickr.